Prefab Hospital for Coronavirus

Prefabricated Hospital

Our company prepared emergency Corona Hospitals according to the last conditions. This sytem is fast, durable, economic. 100-150 patient hospital can be completed in 3 mounths. The price is approximately 2.000 Euro/sqm. The price included, materials following materials, basement, transportation and installation.

Our system included following facilities :

  • Triange area
  • Clinic Unit
  • Inpatient High Dependency Ward Unit equipped with beds, patient monitors. (Negative pressure room)
  • Intensive Care Unit equipped with beds, patient monitors and ventilators. (Negative pressure room)
  • Doctor’s Room Unit
  • Medical Staff Room Unit
  • X Ray Room
  • Central Sterilization Room
  • Pharmacy Unit
  • Storage Room
  • Field Latrine – Ablution fields
  • Laboratory Unit
  • Mortuary Unit
  • Kitchen capable of supporting for medical staff
  • Dining Hall Unit
  • 2 Generators. Each Generator capable of supporting all Hospital Operations and one as redundancy.
  • Laundry Unit equipped Industrial Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers
  • Dishwashing Unit
  • Technical Support Unit
  • ICT Unit
  • 1 Oxygen Filling Station Unit
  • 1 Water Tank Unit
  • Cold Storage Unit
  • The Hospital is fully Air Conditions and equipped with Hepa Filters (Class 5)

Prefab Negative-Pressure Field Hospital
Prefab Inpatient High Dependency Ward
Prefab Intensive Care Unit
Prefab Emergency hospital
Prefab Corona hospital
Prefab Covid-19 hospital

Structural system

Columns: 100x100x5 mm box profile. Profile connected 10 mm steel plate to concrete and beam with anchor bolts and normal bolts. Columns will be painted 2 layer oil paint.

Beams: 100x200x5 mm box profile. Beams will be painted 2 layer oil paint.
Roof system: Light steel frame system. Trusses are 45x90x1.5 mm galvanised Cee profile. The profiles will be manufacrured the last technology rollforming system


  • External: 100 mm urethane core facade sandvich panel. Metal thicknes: 0.50 mm. Inner face PVC (optional)
  • Internal: 60 mm urethane core facade sandvich panel. Metal thicknes: 0.50 mm. Two face PVC (optional)
  • Ceiling for negative pressure room: 40 mm urethane core facade sandvich panel. Metal thicknes: 0.50 mm. Bottom face PVC (optional)
  • Roof: 50 mm urethane core facade sandvich panel. Metal thicknes: 0.50 mm.
  • Ceiling: 60×60 cm Aluminium falce ceiling.


  • Automatic door: Temperred glass, or laminated glass door. The doors ara automatic an sliding. Opening size: 180×200 cm
  • Aluminium external door: 90×210 cm, 160×210 cm sized Aluminium frame door. Top of door is double glass. Bottom of door is aluminium sheet.
  • Internal door: Wood door. Door size 100×210 cm. Frame is 1,2 mm thick metal, static paint.
  • WC door: PVC door
  • Window: 70 m UPVC frame window. 4+16+4 mm double glass.


  • Cables: The sizes will be decided acoording to the electrical drawing. All cables are halogen free.
  • Cable channel: PVC
  • Lightings: 60×60 cm Led according to the standart.


  • Pipes: All pipes are over the wall. Drain pipes are PVC. Water pipes are PPRC.
  • Lavatory: 55×60 cm ceramic sink.
  • Closet: Ceramic closet, ceramic water tank.
  • Accesories: Paper holder, Soap Tank, hand dryer will be provided.
  • Taps: Mix type


General area: 2 mm antibacterial homogen PVC flor. Acrylic glue. Hot welded. Skirting is PVC
Wet area: 33×33 cm nonslip ceramic


According to the 120 person: Benmari, ventilator, cooker, food pereperation tables, cooker, vegetable fridge, sinks, shelves, dishwasher machine, pots, pans, knifes and etc. All materials are made from staniles steel (Professional type)


AC: Toshiba, Panasonic, Arceleik
Air ventilation: Demkar
Generator: Aksa, Emsan, Genpower
Bed: Medikal 2000
Xray: ATS
Monitor: Philips
Ventilator: Philips

This offer not included:

  • Low voltage (internet, phone lines, data lines)
  • UPS lines and sockets.
  • Sterilization machine
  • Labaratuary equipments
  • Mortuary drawer and cabinet
  • Furnitures
  • Computers, printers
  • Pharmacy fridge and shelfs
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